More and more people are shopping online and Cyber Monday has turned into another huge shopping holiday that helps people purchase from their favorite retailers without leaving the house. Cyber Monday, and online shopping in general, is growing and will only increase from here on out. But what makes online shopping so appealing to consumers anyway? Here are a few thoughts we had after reading this article about Cyber Monday’s unique traits.

  1. It’s Comfortable – You are at home drinking coffee in your pajamas and you can even check your bank account simultaneously to make sure there are enough funds for your purchase.
  2. It’s Specific – You have the ability to search for the exact style, brand, color and size you need without having to roam multiple stores to find it.
  3. It’s Helpful – You have other people’s product reviews and feedback available at a click of the mouse so you are able to make a better decision about the product before you finalize the purchase.
  4. It’s Smart – You can compare products sold at different retailers to ensure you are purchasing the one with the best value.


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