Starting December 1st, 2013, Health Canada began strictly enforcing a new set of complex regulations governing the manufacture, importation, sale and distribution of natural products in the Canadian marketplace. Are you compliant? Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in the fulfillment business to fast-track your business in the Canadian market. Click here for a free assessment of your product(s). Don’t waste your time trying to navigate Health Canada’s regulations: leave it in the hands of the experts. We are a Canadian-owned, entrepreneurially-run company that moves fast to get clients up and running in Canada!

Susanne Somers“We were very excited to share our wonderful products with Canadians and were thrilled to meet and to partner with Steven Page and his team at Stalco to make it all happen. They are a group of dedicated and hardworking people who share our vision and commitment to provide our customer with the best possible experience.”