Canada: How to cash in on foreign product distribution

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You’re a U.S. business looking to enter a new, international market. Determining where to start is the first decision to make. Consider Canada. Often affectionately called the 51st state, Canada makes for an easy transition for your product because it shares a number of common traits and habits with the U.S. Our economies are also…Read More

Beauty Grows in Canada

The economic crisis of 2008 has put a damper on the Canadian economy, but recent changes reflected in Canadian shopping habits show that consumers have actually started spending more on personal care products. In particular, premium cosmetics such as anti-aging skin care products, foundations, shampoos and other natural beauty products are becoming increasingly popular with…Read More

Stalco Unveils New International Shipping Platform For Canadian Clients

Stalco, an international logistics and fulfillment company, unveils new international shipping services for Canadian businesses. As a part of this new service offering, Stalco will manage the logistics for Canadian businesses selling products to U.S. consumers. This new U.S. bound shipping process will be in addition to the existing services Stalco provides to both Canadian…Read More

Stalco Reports 125% Growth And Hires Lee Finkelstein As Vice President of Business Development

Steven Page announces that Stalco, an international fulfillment and logistics company, experienced 125% growth in 2014 and continues growth with new hire. “2014 reflections showed us that Stalco’s growth was attributed to the efforts of our dedicated team as new business opportunities presented themselves,” said Steven Page, founder and president of Stalco. “With the addition…Read More

Natural Products Insider Asks Stalco: Health Canada Regulations?

Natural Products Insider, the #1 source for marketers, manufacturers and formulators of dietary supplments, asked Steven Page of Stalco about what Health Canada Regulations prospective importers need to know about. Natural health companies looking to sell or distribute their natural health products within Canada must be able to prove that they meet the good manufacturing…Read More

Nutraceutical Business Review Interview with Steven Page

Nutraceutical Business Review, an authoratative source of information on regulatory updates, raw materials and ingredients, today published an interview with Stalco Inc’s President and Founder, Steven Page.  The interview, entitled “How to import nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals into Canada“, outlines the challenges Europeans face importing products into Canada, and the differences between US and Canadian regulations…Read More

The Price of Business, interviews Steven Page on the booming Canadian Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical markets.

Host Kevin Price and Guest Steven Page discuss the barriers that keep some U.S. businesses out of Canada, and how those barriers can be efficiently “broken down” on this segment of the Price of Business. Kevin Price is host of the Price of Business, on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK in Houston, Texas. It is…Read More

Stalco Designated as Top 3PL by Multichannel Merchant

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Canadian-based logistics and fulfillment company, Stalco, was chosen as a top third-party logistics provider by Multichannel Merchant for the inaugural 2016 Top 3PL listing. Read the rest of the press release on PRWeb.

Steven Page To Speak at ERA Great Ideas Summit About Expanding Revenue Through International Sales and Distribution

Founder and president of Stalco, Steven Page, will co-present Mapping the Footprint for International Success at the ERA Great Ideas Summit on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 in Miami, Florida. The 28-Year Industry Veteran Shares Logistics and Fulfillment Insights with Summit Attendees. Read the Press Release here:

Nutra Ingredients USA: Stalco overcoming the hurdles of importing nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals into Canada

Recent changes to the natural products sector in Canada have introduced more hurdles for companies entering that marketplace, but opportunities abound. In this guest article, NutraIngredients-USA asked Steven Page, president of Stalco, to help readers understand the hurdles and overcome them.   Read the full article on Nutra-Ingredients.