Shipping Strategies to Boost Global Commerce

Have you read our latest article in PARCEL Magazine? Our President and Founder, Steven Page, discusses the ways different shipping strategies can help or hurt your business’s global sales. Check out the article here to learn tips for boosting your global outreach strategy with improved shipping tactics. Photo Source: PARCEL Magazine

Testing Ecommerce Before Retail

testing ecommerce

A few large retailers have been testing the success of new products by first selling through their ecommerce platform before making the commitment to sell in retail. For business owners and executives, this is important to consider when launching (or even developing) a new product especially due to the different factors involved in ecommerce. First…Read More

Globalizing Small Businesses

Globalizing Small Business

Consumers nowadays are able to purchase clothes, food, vitamins, and much more via the worldwide web. With options to purchase through a computer, phone or tablet, consumers have the world at their fingertips, making the globalization of small businesses much more viable. While large retailers continue to grow and compete in international markets due to…Read More

eCommerce vs. Brick & Mortar

E-commerce vs Brick and Mortar store shipping

This week, we’re taking a look at the difference between ecommerce retailers and brick & mortar stores. Whether or not your business is online or a retail location, there are many things to consider when determining your shipping protocol. See our chart below to determine what will work best for your company.   E-Commerce Brick…Read More

Shipping Expectations from the Consumer Perspective

As a logistics company with 21 years of experience in Canadian fulfillment Stalco has seen vast and rapid changes among consumer expectations for product orders and shipments. As ecommerce has grown to become a huge part of our clients’ source of sales, we have learned that shipping is a major factor affecting customer satisfaction and…Read More

Fulfilling the Christmas Rush

It’s officially 119 days until Christmas and most online retailers are already knee deep in planning for their Holiday season. Fourth quarter sales are a huge driver for just about every company’s bottom line and often represent a “make or break” period for yearly profits. For many online retailers, the Christmas season represents 40% of their…Read More

Flat Rate Fulfillment – Making sense of your 3PL costs

Running an online business, you have enough on your plate. Promoting your business, customer service and keeping tabs on your competitors are critical to staying in business and the last thing you want to worry about is how much it is going to cost to pick/pack/ship an order after you made the sale. Make no…Read More

A Note from Our Whitepaper

Last year Stalco published a whitepaper titled “Roadmap for Importing Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals Into Canada.” In the whitepaper we discussed the benefits of entering the Canadian marketplace as well as the hurdles U.S. businesses might face when selling health and beauty products in Canada. Even if your company is not shipping these specific types of…Read More

Success at Affiliate Summit

Since our inception, Stalco has worked with affiliate marketers and we recognize the importance of doing so in today’s increasingly interconnected world. As the VP of Business Development, I recently returned from Affiliate Summit East with a number of new connections in the industry. While there, I met with various manufacturers, software companies, publishers, and…Read More

Canadian Biz Making Moves Towards U.S.

Stalco’s founder and president, Steven Page, recently wrote an article for Transportation & Logistics International discussing what Canadian businesses should know when expanding to the U.S. Similar to past articles he has written about U.S. businesses expanding into Canada, this article focuses on the many things to prepare for, such as government regulations and cross-border…Read More