Are you considering expansion into Canada?

An Interview with Weston Carter, Xyngular Corp Sr. Director of Supply Chain Logistics

Q: Why did Xyngular decide to go after the Canadian market?
A: We knew that historically, Canada had been a very successful international market for US-based direct selling companies. In fact, because of Canada’s close proximity to the US and its very similar demographics, our distributor base was rapidly recruiting leaders from Canada and we quickly realized that shipping from the US to Canada was not a sustainable long-term solution to service our Canadian Distributors or their customers.

Q: How did you navigate through Health Canada’s regulations and the various cross border logistics?
A: There were a lot of things to consider when establishing our distribution in Canada! We were truly delighted to discover that Stalco is a “one stop shop”. Stalco specializes in the health and beauty industry and manages all of our Health Canada regulatory requirements and ongoing protocols. In addition, they manage all of the logistics of importing and transporting our inventory to their distribution centre, as well as providing standard 3rd party fulfillment and distribution services. As a client of Stalco, we are also able to leverage Stalco’s low cost and creative shipping solutions.

Q: Can you comment on your experience with the overall implementation process – everything from systems integration to inventory movement?
A: With Stalco’s support, we were able to quickly and easily automate the processes between our order management system and their warehouse management system (WMS), allowing us to seamlessly push order information to Stalco and receive package-tracking information back from them. We also have online access to Stalco’s WMS for complete real-time visibility of our inventory levels, and other useful reports, to monitor and manage our business and ensure adequate inventory levels at all times. As far as our day-to-day experience, Stalco has been extremely helpful in managing and facilitating the cross-border movement and regulatory/compliant receiving of inventory from our suppliers into Canada. Overall, we really appreciate how nimble and accommodating the Stalco team has been regarding all of our unique requirements.

Q: Finally, what has your experience been regarding fulfillment, order processing, and delivery times in Canada?
A: Stalco operates and processes orders 7 days per week, which has served us well in achieving an overall average of 2-5 day delivery throughout Canada. To facilitate the quickest order processing turnaround times, Stalco works closely with us on forecasting and pre-kitting inventory as required. Stalco also serves as our Canadian returns processing center managing the receiving, reporting, and restocking of eligible inventory.

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