The biggest issue facing Nutraceutical companies selling in Canada, is complying with the stringent, often seen as over-the-top, Health Canada Regulations

Products Licensing

Effective December 1st 2013 all natural health products require an NPN license to be imported/manufactured and sold in Canada. The process of obtaining a license can take anywhere from 60-180 days. As a result of our 20 years experience Stalco has a roster of NPN licenses that can be used by our clients to assist them with getting to market quickly. Contact us for more details on our stock product licenses.


All natural nutraceuticals manufactured in the USA must be imported and distributed in Canada by a facility that has a Health Canada Site License (SL). Each product sold in Canada must be listed on the SL, and the holder of the SL is responsible for proper quality control (C of A’s and finished product testing), storage, quarantine, etc. and must ensure that proper recall procedures are in place.

The good news is that that we will manage all the regulatory requirements for you so you can focus on growing your business!